Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Laugh - Your Website is What?

Before you buy a domain, think about how it looks on the web. And if you want to know why, check out these web administrators that learned the hard way (or perhaps it’s a sense of humor on display?)

Is this Cumbria Storage Systems or something that’s entirely different?

Why just limit your target market to scaffolding when there are other target market opportunities out there?

Ok, penisland might take the trophy for the most dubious of choices (Pen Island)

Are we giving gifts or what around here? (Who Represents)

Now most people wouldn’t own up to doing this in their swimsuits. (Speed of Art)

‘Xcuse me, but was that a rapist you’re looking for? (Therapist Finder)

Way, way, way too much information, thanks…

One company must have realized after the fact, and now has gone with the hyphenated's the original. (Experts Exchange)

Never hurts so spell something out on paper and have others take a second look!

Thanks goes out to Fiona for this post:

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